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Spinet Upright Piano

spinet piano

A spinet is the smallest piano model. Measured from the bottom to the top. A spinet is about 3' in height and weighs 200 - 300 lbs. These can be relocated with just a team of two.

Console Upright Piano


3'4" - 3'7" in  height. Console upright's will require three professionals.

Studio Upright Piano


A studio is 3'9" - 4' in height and weigh 400 lbs or more. Studio piano's are commonly found at schools and require four professionals to relocate safely.

Classic Upright Piano


Classic is the largest upright available at a height of 4' and 500 lbs or more. A classic upright will need a team of four and sometimes five professionals for careful moving of this instrument. 

Petite Grand Piano

petite grand piano

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Baby Grand Piano

baby grand piano

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Why hire a professional . . .

A piano is a sophisticated and complex creation. With over 10,000 moving parts and 230 strings beneath its unique and flawless encasing. The interior of a piano is so intricately constructed, each string holding approximately 165 pounds of tension. Totaling more than 18 tons of combined tension weight.  

"Piano makers gradually learned that pianos could be made louder by increasing the weight and tension of the strings with the result that wooden frames soon became inadequate to support the increased stresses. Until around the beginning of the 19th century the load-bearing structure of pianos was made entirely of wood. By the end of that same century almost all pianos had cast-iron string plates. The metal plate brought improved tuning stability and, at least to most modern ears, better tone. " (https://www.speech.kth.se/music/5_lectures/conklin/thecastiron.html)

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